Me-yowza: Hot guys paired with matching Internet cats

Two out of three of these models would enjoy a nice chin rub.

(Credit: Des Hommes et des Chatons)

Two of the Internet’s most popular image categories have collided in a Tumblr blog: sexy guys and funny cats. Des Hommes et des Chatons (meaning “Men and Kittens,” some images may be slightly NSFW) collects photos of buff, handsome, and famous men and lines them up with matching cats.

A young Johnny Depp sitting on a stove for no apparent reason is shown next to a gray short-hair about ready to leap from a counter next to a stove. It’s eye candy that satisfies both the desire to stare at hunks and the compelling need to utter the word “Aw!” while viewing cute, fluffy animals. It’s almost too much to handle.

Truly one of the great juxtapositions involves a naked man behind an artfully placed spinning fan. He’s paired with a black-and-white cat cooling its nether regions in front of an electric fan on the floor.

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