Matt Damon: Edward Snowden did a great thing

Matt Damon in an unknown hotel not at a Russian airport.

(Credit: Husam Sam Asi/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

I have just received the video equivalent of a brown envelope slipped beneath my door.

It was a link to a YouTube video that hardly anyone appears to have seen.

On screen is Matt Damon, who appears to be talking to a journalist of foreign provenance.

He is being asked what he thinks of Edward Snowden. Astonishingly for someone who has been Jason Bourne and knows the danger of such things, he is answering the question.

“I haven’t read everything that he’s leaked,” he admits. Who has? Even the government doesn’t know what Snowden secreted on his gadgets.

He added that he thought Snowden seemed like a “conscientious guy.”

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