Man proposes to woman on Reddit, uses memes and art

One of the many art pieces used to swoon a lady into marriage.

(Credit: Avali/SirTechnocracy)

It’s an act of love fit for the 21st century: a man posted a marriage proposal to his girlfriend on the popular Web site Reddit, and he pulled out all the stops — or rather, memes — for the task.

Defying the norm, Redditor SirTechnocracy came up with an unconventional way to pop the question by creating a gallery of amusing memes hinting at a proposal. On Monday morning, he posted a link to the gallery on AdviceAnimals, an area of Reddit that houses user-made memes, and awaited his girlfriend’s reply. According to SirTechnocracy, his beloved browses Reddit every day and goes by the username Ladytechnocracy. (A little backstory: The couple met online, dated for a bit, and then moved in together a year ago.)

The memes, embedded above, eventually lead to another gallery containing clove-themed art pieces commissioned from 18 talented artists found on DeviantArt. According to SirTechnocracy, many … [Read more]

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