Kickstarter project adds a magnetic skin to iPhones

The MagSkin is a stick-on magnetic backing for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Daniel Weyer)

Not everyone wants to keep their iPhone hidden away in a pocket. Some folks prefer to hang them on hooks or wear them around their necks.

And what about sticking them on a fridge, filing cabinet, or other metal surface? If my wife’s phone had a magnetic backing, she could slap it on the door to our garage, thereby increasing her chances of remembering to take it to work. (Don’t tell her I said that; she’ll kill me in my sleep.)

To paraphrase the ol’ saying, there’s a Kickstarter project for that. MagSkin adds a magnetic backing to your iPhone 4/4S, thereby giving it an adheres-to-metal personality. (What, you thought I was going to say “magnetic”?)

The MagSkin is an adhesive skin that creator Daniel Weyer hopes to offer in a variety of styles and colors, including a … [Read more]

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