Kick a Soccket soccer ball, power an LED lamp

You'll get a kick out of energy generation with Soccket.

(Credit: Uncharted Play)

Portable generators just got a lot more fun with the introduction of the Soccket, an energy-harnessing soccer ball raising funds on Kickstarter. Kick the ball around, play, and have a good time. When you’re done, connect an LED lamp into a port built into the ball, and light up your night.

Playing with the Soccket for 30 minutes can power an LED lamp for 3 hours. For those of us fortunate enough to have reliable electrical grids, the Soccket isn’t the most necessary object in the world. For people in developing countries without many lighting options, however, it could be a fun and functional option for providing light for working or doing homework in the evening.

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