Kardashian, Banks, Bieber (Who isn’t trying to profit on tech?)

I think that's meant to be Kimmy, but I'm not sure.

(Credit: Glu Mobile)

Sometimes, my inbox is full of exciting news.

An ex has got married, divorced, or drunk. A disliked ex-colleague has been arrested for bigamy.

But Tuesday, it was like my own personal edition of Star magazine.

I could barely contain myself on learning that Kim Kardashian has given her name, voice, body, and soul to a new video game called Stardom.

As InsideApps has it, this is a Glu Mobile game that “will introduce players to the world of Hollywood, with Kardashian serving as the player’s mentor.”

This is a follow-up to Glu Mobile’s “Inferno,” a game that introduces you to the world of Hell, with Beelzebub as your mentor.

It is also a follow-up to its very successful Odometer game, which introduces you to the world of the NBA, with Khloe Kardashian as your mentor.

Yes, of course I made those up. But it seems as if stars are willing to put their names to any type of technological excitement in order to expand their brands.

No sooner had I digested this corn flake of joy, then I received a breathless e-mail declaring that Tyra Banks has just invested in … [Read more]

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