Jimmy Kimmel: I’m behind ‘twerking girl on fire’ video

Bottoms up.

(Credit: Caitlin Heller/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Were you one of the 9 million who feasted upon a YouTube video of a girl who decides to videotape herself twerking?

If you remember, she decided, as so many girls do, to perform a handstand against a door and twerk away in that position.

There’s an additional circle-twerk that comes from the blood not knowing which way to flow.

Then, her roommate walks in, the twerker topples and catches fire, thanks to the lit candles on the coffee table.

It was all just so incredibly, mind-bendingly twerked up.

For on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel show, the mischievous host pretended to have secured an interview with Caitlin Heller, the flaming twerker.

She was allegedly in Kansas City, connected via Skype.

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