Is your hotel trying to choke you with an iPhone app?

Is that cool?

(Credit: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Some like it cold.

It’s not everyone’s idea of comfort, but sitting in a cool hotel room — especially when it’s hot outside — can offer a certain pleasure. At least for me.

It’s a pleasure that a certain group of people want to deny me. They’re called hotel owners.

Hotel owners, it seems, are rather fonder of making a cool profit.

It’s bad enough when the room has no windows you can open. However, an ever-increasing trend is for hotels to restrict how cold you can make your room temperature.

You click furiously on the thermostat’s “down” arrow and it makes like a prison guard.

Recently, I stayed in a hotel where it was verboten to have less than 67 degrees in your room.

To me, 67 degrees is balmy and barmy. So I called the front desk and wondered whether an engineer might help me in my unreasonable quest to choose the temperature in my room.

When he arrived he took one look and said: “Yes, 67 degrees. That’s the hotel policy.”

“But my policy is a little different,” I explained. “I have blood that boils easily.”

“Hotel policy,” he repeated.

I gave him a look that explained my blood was already far beyond 67 degrees.

An hour later, his boss arrived. I pointed to the thermostat. He nodded caringly and said: “Hotel policy.”

“Sir,” I began. “If I owned a… [Read more]

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