iPhones now involved in 14 percent of all NYC crime

Just so popular.

(Credit: Fox 5 screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Phone theft is big business.

However, in New York, iPhones and other Apple products are regarded as the ultimate heist.

As Fox 5 New York reports, the NYPD announced that there were 16,000 Apple-picking thefts in 2012. This equates to 14 percent of all New York City crime.

Indeed, 45 percent of all 2013 robberies in New York City involved cell phones. More than half involved iPhones.

New York News

The NYPD said it believes that these are not random thefts, but the work of organized criminal networks that know iPhones, in particular, have an excellent resale value.

Now the police and local politicians want all pawnbrokers to keep electronic records of every iPhone they buy.

As Gothamist reports, 700 pawnbrokers have signed up to support the initiative. Some, though, are resisting. The National Pawnbrokers Association claims that such a law would suggest that all its customers are thieves. Worse is that the initiative is an invasion of customer privacy, the NPA said.

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