iPhone 5 price tumbles to $98 at Walmart

The iPhone 5 is officially past its retail prime.

(Credit: Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET) iPhone 5 prices are tumbling as anticipation that a new iPhone 5S and perhaps a less expensive iPhone 5C will be introduced on September 10 builds.

Retail monolith Walmart has allowed the cost of a new iPhone 5 (with a two-year contract) to slide all the way to $ 98 for a 16GB model in white or black on AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, effective Friday. The megastore already had some of the lowest prices on a new iPhone 5, which were previously set at $ 129.

For Android fans, Walmart has rolled back the price of a new Galaxy S4 (with a two-year contract on Verzion or AT&T) to $ 138. That’s ten bucks less than the previous price for a new GS4 on Verizon, and a 30 dollar price drop for the AT&T version.

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