iPad? Shoo! This UK government meeting will brook no spying

Nothing is safe, it seems.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

We’re now agreed that everyone is spying on everyone else, aren’t we?

If technology makes it possible, then someone is going to do it. For good or evil, you understand.

So the British government has begun to take precautions against other governments spying on its cabinet meetings.

The Telegraph reports that the first target of this new cautious approach is the iPad.

The Mail on Sunday initially revealed that at a cabinet meeting last week, there were many iPads present, there to assist in a presentation by, of all institutions, the Government Digital Service.

After the presentation (which was about cost savings), security staff apparently stole in and removed the iPads. They specifically feared that foreign powers know how to turn them — and other mobile devices — into portable bugs.

We can’t have foreign governments learning about how to save money on digital services, can we?

The Telegraph names China, Pakistan, Russia and Iran as governments that are in possession of Trojan viruses that can turn iPads into microphones and even transmitters.<... [Read more]

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