Internet heroes cure hospital boredom with 3,000 cats

Cats make the world go round.

Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET)

After a seven-month wait for a bone marrow transplant, 16-year-old Maga Barzalla Sockemtickem endured a lengthy post-transplant treatment at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Maga’s compromised immune system meant periods of isolation from the outside world. She hadn’t seen her cat Merry for more than a month.

To lighten the situation, the Seattle hospital hit Facebook and asked the world to submit cat pictures and well wishes for Maga. Three thousand photo submissions later, the hospital put together a heart-warming compilation called the “Cat Immersion Project” and projected it in a special tent built over the young girl’s hospital bed.

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“You guys remind me that there is so much good in the world, and its just makes me feel so much better, and connected,” Maga… [Read more]

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