How to spot if people are lying in texts

But is it OK if I lie?

(Credit: Marni Wing/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

“Had a few drinks, went straight home.”

“Working late.”

“Let’s elope.”

If you get any of these texts — and if they’re a little longer in coming than usual — it’s very possible that your Chosen One is lying.

No, I don’t want to break up your relationship. Well, not unless you need my help. But I’ve been poring over research from Brigham Young University that tries to discover whether lying texters have a behavior pattern.

You might think that you can spot a liar very easily.

Tom Meservy, a BYU professor of information systems, thinks you’re quite full of it. He said in the research: “Humans are terrible at detecting deception. We’re creating methods to correct that.”

Merservy’s definition of “terrible” is an exacting one. He believes that we can spot a lie 54 percent of the time.

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