How much would you pay for a 110-inch Ultra HDTV?

Samsung's first 110-inch ultra high-definition TV.

(Credit: Samsung)

Got room in your home for a 110-inch Ultra HDTV? If so, Samsung has a new model that should be headed your way early next year.

On sale starting Monday in South Korea, the new 110-inch television is Samsung’s largest UHD TV, roughly the size of a king-size bed. The TV’s resolution of 8 million pixels is four times the level of detail found in standard HD TVs.

Samsung didn’t reveal the price in its press release, but the Associated Press pinned the cost to consumers as $ 150,000. The rough Google translation of the press release suggests that the TV will reach China and the Middle East withing the next 30 days, followed by other major countries in the next 9 weeks. CNET contacted Samsung to confirm that information and provide further details, including US availability.

The TV could find a home among VVIPs, as Samsung puts it. Of course, they’d need the right amount of space and money. But the company is also targeted the set to government agencies and other organizations who need a really big screen for video conferencing.

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