Hilarious SFFworthy makes Upworthy headlines geektastic

Now THAT'S how to make a "Star Wars" hologram worthy of the Huffington Post!

(Credit: SFFWorthy)

Ever click on a headline on Twitter because you felt compelled to find out “the only thing you need to read about New Year’s diets” or why did ancients drill holes in their heads“?

This Internet trend of teasing readers to get them to click on headlines has become standard practice on many blogs including Upworthy and Huffington Post. Some frustrated readers call this tactic click bait and have gone so far as to create Twitter accounts like HuffPoSpoilers and UpworthySpoiler that put a damper on the drama by tweeting the answers alongside the headlines.

Sensational, Upworthy-style headlines like these work in Katniss Everdeen's favor.

(Credit: SFFWorthy)

But in the case of the SFFworthy Tumblr, scenes from well-known science fiction and fantasy movies and TV shows like “Star Wars,” “Hunger Games,” … [Read more]

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