Heavy methal: ‘Breaking Bad’ theme played on meth lab gear

Andrew Huang shows off his lab equipment music skills.

(Credit: Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

Musician Andrew Huang doesn’t know how to operate a meth lab, but he does know how to search Google to find out the equipment needed to run one. He also knows how to make beautiful music from odd objects. Put the two together and it’s a match made in a chemistry lab. His experiment? Play the “Breaking Bad” theme song with meth-making supplies.

Granted, there is a guitar for added effect, but everything else you hear comes from propane cylinders, rubber tubing, lab beakers, frying pans, buckets, plastic bottles, and measuring cups. The “Breaking Bad” theme is the latest in a series of song challenges Huang has tackled, including a song crafted from water sounds.

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