Hands-on with the TaskOne multi-tool iPhone case

The TaskOne case packs a ton of tools.

(Credit: TaskLab)

I did not expect to like the TaskLab TaskOne iPhone case.

After all, my last experience with a multifunction holster — the ReadyCase — was decidedly disappointing. Mostly it was an interesting idea marred by less-than-stellar execution.

So it was with some skepticism that I approached the TaskLab TaskOne multitool iPhone case, which I wrote about in my recent roundup of iPhone cases that do more than protect your phone. A few days later, I got the chance to actually test-drive one.

The TaskOne takes many of the best assets of a multitool and shoehorns them into an iPhone case, the idea being to keep all those handy tools close at hand without having to carry a separate item. Of course, surely some sacrifices must be made to accomplish such a feat of engineering, right?

Yes and no. The TaskOne is way cooler than I expected it to be, in part because it does more than I ever thought a case like this could. It packs a whopping 22 tools, and while not all of them are outstanding, most work as advertised — and withou… [Read more]

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