Hands-on with the 13.3-inch Archos Family Pad tablet

The Archos FamilyPad is big. Really big. But its price is small. Surprisingly small.

(Credit: Archos)

I first laid eyes on the Archos Family Pad at CES. And I needed both eyes to take in this behemoth of a tablet, which sports a whopping 13.3-inch screen.

At that size, you don’t really travel with it — though you could, no differently than you would with a 13.3-inch laptop (minus the keyboard, natch). No, the Family Pad is best suited to the family room, if not the kitchen, den, bedroom, or other semi-permanent spot. It’s not a tablet you walk around with; it’s a tablet you sit around with.

I liked the idea right away: a seriously roomy screen for surfing the Web, looking at recipes (without squinting), playing games, watching movies, and the like. Just one problem: What would it cost me? The 10-inch Nexus 10 starts at $ 399, the 9.7-inch iPad at $ 499. Surely a 13.3-inch Archos would run, what, $ 699? $ 799?

Nope: $ 299.99. That’s the price for a 13.3-inch Android tablet running Jelly Bean (aka Android 4.1). Color me impressed.

Now for the bad news?

But also skeptical: Archos must have cut some corners to get the price that low. And most spec-hounds … [Read more]

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