GTA players turn virtual photographers to shoot in-game combat

A member of the Media Lens crew snaps an in-game photo of some fiery mayhem. The group’s uniform is a work in progress.

(Credit: Photo by killerdead77 via cy_sperling/Reddit)

My neighbors have been meeting regularly to discuss ways we can report and prevent crime in our area. I have a new idea — get Grand Theft Auto V gamers on the case. They’re doing a mighty thorough job documenting crime in Los Santos.

It’s all thanks to photographer and filmmaker Christopher Murrie, who a few days back let Reddit know that he’s been playing GTA Online in passive mode as a “war photographer” dressed in a helmet, camo pants, and a black jacket with “media” printed across the back. Passive mode makes it impossible to attack other players, and makes you impervious to attacks yourself.

“It’s fun,” Murrie wrote, to see which players let him get up close, camera in virtual hand, while they fight. “Most people seem to have fun with it, but there is always one guy who can’t stop trying to run me over,” he said. “And they are always dressed as some ridiculous ICP Clown nonsense…”

Murrie’s photographic pursuits have drawn an immediate and enthusiastic response. Someone started a … [Read more]

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