Google wants to patent splitting the restaurant bill

This is piece of sushi from Jiro's restaurant in Tokyo. To me, it looks like a man lying on his back laughing, after getting a free meal from his friends.

(Credit: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

It’s easy to forget sometimes, but Google exists to make you happy.

In the pecking order, you do come slightly behind its own engineers, for whom many of its products are truly designed. But you’re still in the company’s thoughts somewhere.

Clearly, though, some of its engineers (and, by extrapolation, Google assumes you too) have been having difficulties in restaurants.

It’s not so much that they’ve been leaving phone prototypes in them. It’s that they’ve been going out for group dinners and then one or two Googlies have guzzled beyond the norm, leaving the splitting of the bill in an unbalanced state.

“Jason had 7 kir royales. Marina had 6 margaritas and Azielina must have knocked back 14 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. So, um, dividing the total by, um, 7 and multiplying it by, oh, whatever, I’m drunk anyway.”

Days later, though, the person who feels they’ve paid too much of the whole feels wholly resentful.

This resentment has now been turned, as all resentments should, into a patent application. For Google … [Read more]

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