Google promotion offers free HP Chromebooks

(Credit: Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET)

Know a cat, or at least a feline-loving friend, who has some kind of impact on the Web? That person could score a free HP Chromebook courtesy of Google.

As of Tuesday, a new promotion designed to push Chromebooks asks you to nominate someone you think is deserving of one. Your nominee could be a tech-savvy grandparent, a favorite teacher, a devoted dad, a work buddy, or a tech savior friend. You could even nominate yourself.

You nominate someone by notifying that person via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or e-mail. Your nominee then receives a link asking for a photo in order to enter the promotion.

What are the odds of your nominee winning a Chromebook? As of Wednesday morning, the promo runs for another seven days, and 992 Chromebooks are left to give away. So, it all depends on how many people Google can snare over the next week.

On Tuesday, Google unveiled its HP Chromebook 11, an 11-inch laptop that sells for $ 279. The new device is pricier than other cloud-based laptops but offers a more refined look and feel, according to CNET’s review. Still, Google has its work cut out for it trying to convince the vast audience of tablet buyers that they need a Chromebook a… [Read more]

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