Giant mirrors shine winter sun on dark Norwegian town

Residents of Rjukan, Norway, gather in the town square to celebrate the their new sun mirrors Wednesday.

(Credit: Krister Soerboe/AFP/Getty Images)

Residents of a remote Norwegian village are getting their first glimpse of winter sunlight, thanks to giant remote-controlled mirrors that reflect the sun’s rays.

Nestled deep in a valley between steep mountains, Rjukan is characterized by dark, sunless days between September and March. But now, three 183-square-foot mirrors placed in the mountains surrounding the small town reflect natural sunlight down onto the town square.

Three giant mirrors erected on the mountainside above Rjukan, Norway, reflect sunshine toward the center of the town. (Click to enlarge.)

(Credit: Tore Meek/AFP/Getty Images)

At an inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, residents of Rjukan in sunglasses cheered, waved Norwegian flags, and even lounged in sun chairs in the 45-degree weather. Smiling kids had suns painted on their faces.

Prior to the mirrors’ arrival, those same residents had to a catch a gondola to grab a few rays in the dark winter months. The founder of the town, industrialist Sam Eyde, conceived of the cable car to take residents up the hill and into the sunlight… [Read more]

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