Get ’em off! Man gets into a strip club wearing Google Glass

He's fascinated.

(Credit: Patrick Hill/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszcyk/CNET)

The heart of wearing Google Glass isn’t merely the wish to be at the forefront of technology — it’s the excitement of seeing what you can get away with.

And so it was that last month New York web developer Patrick Hill decided he’d see if he could slide past the doorman of a strip club wearing Google Glass.

Accompanied by a New York Post reporter, Hill tried to enter the VIP club in Manhattan.

Subsequently, he posted the footage to YouTube, where, oddly, few have taken a look. So I thought I’d embed it here, as the next chapter in “Men Wearing Google Glass And Filming Not Much Happening” Series.

First, there was Chris Barrett who witnessed an arrest on the New Jersey shore and then wandered into an Atlantic City casino, looking like a borg from the ‘burb.

Hill’s quest, though, was even more daring. Strip clubs have doormen. They are men built like a door. They can be a l… [Read more]

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