Genetic groove: Your DNA profile as a unique song

My cat’s DNA song profile.

(Credit: Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

I’ve always wanted to have my very own theme song, like a hero in a movie. Now, I do. I just used IDNAtity, an iOS app that mixes a little science with art. It takes information about your genetic makeup, assigns you a genetic code, and then translates that code into musical notes to form a song.

You start by uploading a photo of yourself into the app. Then, you answer a few questions about your hair color, eye color, and whether you have dimples (I don’t) and can roll your tongue (I can’t). The app does the rest, creating a song you can listen to and share.

It turns out my genetics make for a somewhat discordant song. There’s no way this will ever be a chart-topper, yet I still manage to get it stuck in my head.

You can play back your personalized song using a variety of instrument options ranging from steel drums to bird tweets. My favorite is called “Orchestra Hit.” It makes my DNA music sound like a theme song for Darth Vader.

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