Game of Drones: Where UAVs meet paintball

(Credit: Video screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET Australia)

Mucking around with monarchical politics and swords is all well and good, but a remote-controlled toy drone involves around 98 percent less decapitation and at least 54 percent more fun. At least we assume that’s part of the reasoning behind Game of Drones, a collective of artists, inventors, robot builders, video producers, and designers who modify drones for a bit of friendly competition.

In the past, the team has created an “unbreakable drone” and a teeny-tiny drone fitted with a rocket launcher. But the most recent drone allows its pilot to play paintball — via remote control.

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Using a commercial six-rotor drone, Marque Cornblatt and his team have mounted a GoPro camera so the gunner can look down the barrel of the paintball gun in real time for accurate aiming.

The gun itself is a … [Read more]

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