Furby Boom: it’s back, and making offspring on your tablet

He’s baaaack.

(Credit: Scott Stein/CNET)

As you may remember, Hasbro’s Furby reboot of 2012 got all-new LED eyes, trippy personalities, and an iOS companion app that translated Furbish and played minigames.

The 2013 version unveiled today and coming this fall adds some over-the-top new color patterns, but the biggest change is a big update to the free companion iOS app. Instead of Furby getting its own app, it’s almost like the iOS game’s getting its own companion Furby.

I played the new app a bit during a meeting with Hasbro earlier this summer, and survived to tell the tale. (Credit: Scott Stein/CNET)

The new app, which I tried on an iPad, has a lot of content: you can encourage your Furby to lay an egg into your iPad (a process that’s a little bizarre), which later hatches to become a little virtual Furby (a “Furbling”) you can play games with and feed/maintain like a tamagotchi. You can earn Furbucks to unlock extras, but it’s just to keep you playing: Hasbro says there won’t be any insidious in-app purchases, and you won’t be able to buy Furbucks with cash.

You can collect up to fifty of these eggs, and eventually unlock a whole Furby Boom city.

You can't unsee it.

(Credit: Scott Stein/CNET)

And, yes, I wasn’t lying: there’s a toilet your Furby… [Read more]

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