Fun with lasers: Try popping 100 balloons

Screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET)

There are many ways I can think of to have fun with a laser, especially one described as “the world’s brightest laser you can legally own.” Popping balloons isn’t one of them, but YouTube tinkerer WorldScott’s stunt is interesting anyway.

In a bid for a record, he lined up 100 red balloons in front of a Spyder III Krypton and fired away.

As seen in the vid below, it took a while for the 750-1,000mW laser, fired through a focusing lens, to pop each balloon, but it eventually did the trick.

The green beam left a trail of red balloon fragments in its wake. Fortunately it wasn’t powerful enough to penetrate the far wall.

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“If confirmed, this will have been the most balloons in a single-file line consecutively popped from end-on with a single fixed visible laser beam to date,” he says.

Hong Kong-based Wicked Lasers, which prompted an aborted action by Lucasfilm for its lightsaber-like Spy… [Read more]

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