From spooky to sublime, these Street View pics are hard to forget

Somewhere, a Street View camera captured this bucolic outhouse.

(Credit: courtesy Jon Rafman and Zach Feuer Gallery)

If you’ve never taken a random walk through Google Street View, the experience can feel like a dream in slow motion.

Panoramas familiar or strange drift by as you click down the street, but like real-world travel, it’s the journey and not the destination that matters.

Canadian sculptor, filmmaker, and visual artist Jon Rafman has made a name for himself collecting bizarre, often unsettling views from the petabytes of data in Google Street View, and he recently discussed his work with photography enthusiasts in his hometown of Montreal.

“For me, the Google camera almost symbolizes a modern god, this god that sees everything but doesn’t take a moral stance and doesn’t act,” Rafman told attendees at a workshop of the ongoing Le Mois de la Photo festival, organized under the theme of “Drone: The Automated Image.”

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