Friends don’t let friends smoke (says e-cigarette company)

So handsome. And such a good friend.

(Credit: NJoy/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

How good a friend are you?

If your friend is dating someone you consider to be unworthy, do you say something?

If your friend is spending too much money, drinking too much wine, or talking too much nonsense, do you call a halt?

And if your friend is a smoker, do you say: “Oh, please don’t do that anymore. Not now that there are fabulous NJoy e-cigarettes which are obviously so much healthier and will make you eternally happy”?

I ask only because an e-cigarette brand called NJoy has just released an ad with the immortal line: “Friends don’t let friends smoke.”

But, presumably, they do let them try the wonderful NJoy e-cigarettes that will change their lives forever.

In posting the ad to YouTube, NJoy’s makers offer breathless enthusiasm: “Check out NJOY Electronic Cigarette’s breakthrough new video featuring Avicii’s #1 hit single ‘Hey Brother’! It is the first to tell the category truth.”

Does this mean that all other e-cigarette brands have been telling categorical lies? How frightening. Still, what’s the category truth? Well, it’s “that there is a real alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. That we all have friends and loved ones who smoke and who wish they didn’t… And n… [Read more]

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