Friday Poll: Which tablet will you buy next?

The iPad Mini Retina comes at a price premium.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

We all survived the latest Apple iPad announcement and waded through the analysis aftermath. The result is a new, lighter-weight iPad Air and a refreshed iPad Mini Retina that finally brings a higher-end display to the smaller device. But iPads aren’t the only tablets in the world. The competitors have been hanging out, waiting for the next round of the battle to begin.

Though the new iPads bring some better specs and upgrades in performance, they have a perceived weak spot in the pricing. Every way you look at it, iPads are expensive compared with competitors. Is a $ 399 iPad Mini Retina worth $ 170 more than a Google Nexus 7?

The answer to that question is a resounding, “It depends.”

You may be invested in the iOS ecosystem and not want to wade into Android. You may be shopping based on budget and value, and therefore find the more affordable Androids attractive. Maybe you’re a Kindle fan with e-books tops in your mind.

Another factor is what analysts see as an impending … [Read more]

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