Friday Poll: What do you want Google to unveil next week?

Will the Nexus 7 finally get a friend?

(Credit: CNET)

Google sent out an invitation to a breakfast meeting with new Android head Sundar Pichai like it was calling up its buddies. Naturally, it’s not all about pancakes and orange juice. There could be a juicy Android update of some kind tucked in between the waffles.

On the hardware front, there’s plenty of anticipation that Google will finally unveil a successor to the Nexus 7 tablet. Pichai is also in charge of Chrome, so a new Chromebook isn’t out of the question.

News on the Moto X smartphone has been leaking out, including a purported sighting in the hands of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. The Google breakfast could be an opportunity to make the Moto X less like a fuzzy Loch Ness Monster photo, and to share some real details on the actual product instead of just teasing us all the time.

Another real possibility could involve some fresh software, like an Android update. CNET Crave writer Eric Mack is … [Read more]

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