Friday Poll: Are you a Yahoo-er or a Googler?

If they ever merge, maybe the new company will be called "Goohoo."

(Credit: Google/Yahoo)

Something a little different happened recently. Longtime Internet warhorse Yahoo topped Google on ComScore’s list of the 50 most-visited Internet properties, based on US traffic. This is notable partly because Google has had a long run of dominance at the top, rarely ceding its ranking.

The official score for July traffic was 196,564,000 unique visitors for Yahoo, while Google logged 192,251,000. Keep in mind, we’re not talking strictly search traffic, but rather traffic across multiple entities owned by those companies.

These numbers led to a rather interesting discussion covering topics such as ComScore’s methodology, whether or not Google is slipping, and if Yahoo’s media moves and Tumblr purchase have boosted it into becoming a long-term top traffic contender.

Personally, I have never felt beholden to either provider. I use Gmail, and generally use Google for searching, but I keep a spare Yahoo Mail account a… [Read more]

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