For true panoramic images, toss this camera in the air. Seriously

A Panono image taken high above Hong Kong.

(Credit: Panono)

Making a panoramic image by taking one photo after another is so 2013.

On Tuesday, Panono, a startup based in Berlin, launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to develop its throwable camera, a small, ball-shaped device built with 36 integrated lenses that is designed to capture a high-quality 360×360-degree image all at once.

The idea is simple: A user tosses a Panono in the air, and just at the moment it reaches its peak height, all 36 lenses fire simultaneously. Immediately, a low-res version of the image is viewable on a smartphone app, and within a couple of minutes, the full 72-megapixel image is available.

The Panono camera, which features 36 2-megapixel lenses.

(Credit: Panono)

According to Panono co-founder Jonas Pfeil, the camera is ideal for taking shots in dynamic situations. Family outings at the beach are an example, he said. But he also showed that the camera is perfect for capturing the broad vista high above Hong Kong, or the chaos in Tokyo’s famous Shibuya crossing.

Panoramas taken with the Panono can be viewed in a number of ways. The best may well be on a tablet, which allows the user to move around the photo simply by tilting the device. But… [Read more]

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