Flappy Bird is the embodiment of our descent into madness

Imagine this scenario, times infinity.

(Credit: Screenshots by Nick Statt/CNET)

It was after maybe the 14th or 15th time I’d seen “Game Over” flash across my iPhone screen in the last maybe seven minutes that I decided that the app Flappy Bird — an experience so simultaneously simple and maddening that I could already picture it haunting my dreams — was perhaps the worst smartphone game ever created.

I had hit a high score of 12 on my fourth or fifth attempt, finding myself secretly elated at the speedy proficiency of my mindless tapping timing. And then I proceeded to lose after earning a single point — literally just one successful obstacle cleared — about 10 times in a row. Before I knew it, I was sitting there at my desk, heat crawling up the back of my neck, ready to shake my phone in frustration like a ’90s kid ready to dismantle his NES controller during the “Turbo Tunnel” level of Battletoads.

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