Fake Nerd Guys: We’re on to you, geek wannabes!

Nice abs guys, but do you REALLY know Thor's origin story?

(Credit: Fake Nerd Guys)

As a geek girl myself, I’ve been accused of wearing a “Star Wars” shirt to “get attention from guys who actually care if Han shot first.” I’ve been told to move to the side

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and let “real gamers” — who happen to be guys — play the demos at conventions. I’ve even been branded a panderer for saying I liked Godzilla just to get a date with a man cosplaying as Gamera.

Lately it seems elements of the geek community have become a lot less of a welcome wagon and more of a judgmental Jedi Council that refuses to let newbies in, especially if they happen to be girls. Once known for celebrating outcasts and underdogs, it sometimes now seems like you have to take some sort of Voight-Kampff Test to prove your geekdom is legit.

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