Does Facebook need a cemetery?

Your own Facebook memorial.

Does death disrupt your day?

By “your day,” I of course mean your Facebook news feed, the place where all news happens and all feelings are expressed.

Some people feel that remembering those they loved doesn’t quite harmonize with cat videos, political diatribes, and news of the latest boyfriend, job, or date.

So on Thursday they launched Sanctri, an app that gives bereaved Facebookers their own area for grief, sorrow, and remembrance.

Four million Facebook users will die this year. And Sanctri’s co-founder, Jono Milner, believes: “When someone passes away, we don’t know how to deal with it on Facebook.”

Some might wonder why such tragedy needs to be dealt with on Facebook at all. But Milner told me: “Facebook is today’s public forum. People used to pay tribute in the classifieds section of the newspapers — now it’s on Facebook. Many people want to come together to remember someone online — especially given that we’re such a mobile population these days.”

Sanctri from Sanctri on Vimeo.

So on Sanctri you can create social memorials, a Lifebook, and even pledge positive actions and make charitable donations.

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