Dates with bricks: Lego calendar syncs with Google Calendar

It's all in the bricks.

(Credit: Vitamins)

Workers at a design studio in London recently went on a quest to find a better way to organize themselves while in the office. There were a few requirements. It had to be big. It had to cover a few months into the future. It had to work both online and offline. They settled on Legos.

Using Legos, Vitamins built a large, wall-mounted calendar with flat gray pieces as the base, representing the days of the week. Each person has their own line on the calendar, and is represented by a custom minifig character. Different projects are assigned different colors of bricks.

The Lego wall calendar satisfies the studio’s offline needs, but there was still the online component to contend with. So the company created a custom software piece that updates the online calendar when the Lego calendar is updated. So, if you stick a green brick on Friday, it updates with a green block of time online showing which project is under way.

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