DARPA’s latest footage of LS3 robodog astounds

Can someone give this good dog a treat before it gets cranky?

(Credit: DARPA)

If you’ve never seen DARPA’s version of Boston Dynamics’ semi-autonomous LS3 (Legged Squad Support System) robot in action, now’s a good time.

The government agency released a video yesterday that highlights one of LS3’s most powerful skills: the ability to follow a leader by using computer-aided vision and GPS. In the four-minute clip, you can watch the dog-like robot following an instructor over some rough terrain — with great ease — in a wooded area near Fort Pickett, Va.

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Activating LS3’s ability to follow doesn’t take much work: it merely requires a verbal command — an option recently added to the robot. The instructor can power up or deactivate LS3 with a command spoken through a wireless communication device.

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