Dad’s perfect gift for son: A 737 cockit simulator in his bedroom

Looks real, doesn't it?

(Credit: SudOuest Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

“Where shall we fly today, son?”

“How about Sydney?”

“OK. Strap yourself in. And don’t crash the plane like you did yesterday, alright?”

This might be the typical evening conversation in the Aigon household. For Laurent Aigon, from Lacanau, France, has just spent the last five years building something few other dads have done: a 737 cockpit simulator, which he’s placed in his son’s bedroom.

I am grateful to Gizmodo and its use of Google Translate for discovering this lovely story from the French publication Sud-Ouest.

At the very least, you might imagine that Aigon is a pilot, or perhaps an engineer.

He’s actually a waiter, who simply dreamed of being a pilot. He admits, though, that he was lazy at school.

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