Crave giveaway: Comic-Con 2013 swag bag extraordinaire

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Missed Comic-Con this year? Not to worry. We’re bringing Comic-Con to you! My CNET colleagues Seth Rosenblatt and Nathan Bransford foraged the show floor for goods they knew Crave readers would covet, and came back loaded with such a giant stash that we’re going with two Comic-Con giveaways this year (look for part 2 on Friday, August 9).

Round one of this awesome geek-fest includes a Hasbro 2-in-1 “Anakin to Darth Vader” action figure, not yet available in stores, that lets you re-create the moment when the Jedi hero becomes the evil Sith lord. For added “Star Wars” enjoyment, you’ll get a limited-edition 8GB Chewbacca flash drive from Mimoco.

You’ll of course score comics, including a copy of DC Comics’ Batman (in Spanish!) and a signed copy of Valiant’s Quantum and Woody.

And you’ll get a hard-bound copy of the “Make Good Art” commencement address author Neil Gaiman delivered at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts last year.

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