Chocolate-activated coat a key to wearable tech’s future

Even your hem flips with joy.

(Credit: Creativity screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Please don’t be fooled.

Wearable tech isn’t about giving you more information. It’s about giving everyone else more information about you.

“Look, I’m wearing a Fitbit wristband!” It means that I am fitter than you and I care more about my health. “Look, I’m wearing Google Glass!” It means I have money and I’m a sociopath.

So the future of wearable tech is more about display than self-improvement.

Famed chocolate maker Cadbury understands this sweet spot. So it has brought some vast brains together to create a piece of piece of wearable tech that you didn’t know you wanted. That’s always the best kind.

Here we have a jacket that tells the world you are eating chocolate.

Created by Hirsch&Mann, this magical device turns Raspberry Pi into chocolate ecstasy.

As Creativity reports, the minute the jacket’s sensors sniff out chocolate, the whole thing becomes an amazing purple-colored dreamcoat.

The suddenly excitable beat of your heart is expressed to the world. Lights flash. Even the hem of your coat flips up like the skirt of a dancer at the Folies Bergere. Music and confetti are emitted too.

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