Chinese golf resort tees off with world’s largest human QR code

It took 2,000 people to make this happen.

(Credit: Mission Hills China)

A gigantic QR code took form in China a couple of days ago. Mission Hills China trumpets the accomplishment with the headline, “World’s Largest Golf Club & Spa Resort Creates the World’s Biggest QR Code.” Sounds like someone is obsessed with being the world’s largest.

That headline is a little misleading, though. A Canadian corn maze turned out a 309,570-square-foot QR code last year. What Mission Hills China created is most likely the world’s biggest human QR code. It certainly beat out the 1,300 people Taiwan drafted for a promotion event.

The club rounded up 2,000 employees for the massive publicity stunt. They stood in designated spots and opened red and white umbrellas above their heads. Seen from 270 feet above the ground, the formation created a scannable QR code. The code links back to an eco-tourism campaign that lets entrants sign up for a chance to win a holiday at the resort.

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