Checkmark offers slick location-based reminders

You'll start by setting up your most frequently visited locations.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Apple’s Reminders app, introduced in iOS 5, works perfectly well at notifying you according to your time- or location-based criteria. But a new app called Checkmark (99 cents for a limited time) gives you location-based reminders using your GPS and important locations you enter, and with a great-looking interface that’s easy to navigate.

You start by adding locations important to you such as Home, Work, the Gym, and a friend’s house you often visit. You can locate yourself via GPS, but you also can search for an address on a map and add a location pin that way. The next step is creating reminders based on your locations. I chose a few that pertain to my life, like “Don’t forget your iPad!” tied to my home location so I would remember to bring it to work. I also have to do laundry this evening so I put in a reminder to “Do laundry!” when I enter into the radius of my Home location. You also have the option to set Checkmark to remind you a set amount of time after you arrive. This might come in handy, for example, if you wanted to ask about a book your friend owned, but didn’t want to… [Read more]

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