‘Capaldeyes’ give you Peter Capaldi’s ‘Doctor Who’ stare

Peter Capaldi's intense glare could probably stop time in its tracks.

(Credit: BBC One)

While millions of fans will be watching “Doctor Who: Time of the Doctor” on Christmas Day to see Matt Smith deal with daleks, cybermen, and awkward nudity, many are anxious to see how he’ll hand the Tardis over to Peter Capaldi, who will become the 12th Doctor.

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Though the fan base has expressed mixed feelings about showrunner Steven Moffat’s casting choice of Capaldi, Smith told The Daily Mirror that he has no doubts about his successor: “I don’t think anything can prepare you for the experience of what being the Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ is, but I think he’s as ready as he can be. I’ve just said, ‘Have a g… [Read more]

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