Can a $249 Android-Linux ‘hacker’s tablet’ take flight?

Is this the little Linux tablet that could? Or just another ill-fated hardware crowdfunding campaign?

(Credit: PengPod)

We all love to root for an underdog, especially in tech, where revolutions have so often been launched from garages or dorm rooms. But the past few years, there’s been little room for Cinderella stories in the world of tablets and mobile computing as massive monoliths like Apple, Google, and Samsung have come to dominate, and even well-established names like Microsoft and BlackBerry struggle to gain a foothold.

Perhaps this is why I was drawn to PengPod, a line of Android and Linux dual-booting tablets designed by a small Florida-based team, crowdfunded on Indiegogo, and manufactured in China with an Allwinner quad-core ARM-based processor at its heart. I’d like to think there’s still room for a tiny startup with a dream of creating something fully open source for the Linux true believers out there who can also appreciate the elegance and ease of use of Android.

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