Burgers become true fast food at 87 mph

(Credit: C1 Espresso)

One cafe wants to redefine “fast food.”

Inspired by the Tube Transport System in “Futurama,” Sam Crofskey of C1 Espresso in Christchurch, New Zealand, is installing a system of pneumatic tubes that will deliver mini burgers (sliders) and nachos to tables at speeds of up to 97 miles per hour.

It’s not exactly a new technology; pneumatic tubes have been used to transport messages since the 1850s, and have subsequently been employed over the years as a secure transportation method for cash and medications, as well as an alternative to trains. Indeed, C1 has been using a smaller system to transport orders to the kitchen. By combining the two systems, C1 hopes to reduce wait times — and toss hotter, fresher food into the bargain.

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