Bosses respond to the dancing YouTube quitter

So long, Marina.

(Credit: Next Media Animation/YouTube Screenshot by CNET)

It’s a strange serendipity that this morning I was talking, from my sofa, to a class at the University of Missouri Journalism School.

Highly engaged and polite, they were too. (How will they ever make it as journalists?)

During a conversation about philosophy, technology, and dancing, they brought up an alumna, Marina Shifrin. Some seemed undecided exactly how proud of her they should be.

Shifrin, you cannot have forgotten, is the writer who quit a Taiwanese animation company by posting a YouTube video that has now been viewed by millions.

Next Media Animation decided that it would offer a jigging retort, which is also something of a jiggling retort.

Parodying her video, the staff all thought they’d do their own dance and show that everything in the Next Media Animation garden is flowering.

Naturally, the hardened will imagine that they were told to do this under pain of being made to come back at 4:30 a.m. to perform a polka.

However, here we see the staff busting their moves and moving their busts and wishing Shifr… [Read more]

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