Birds could turned back into dinosaurs, says biochemist

Can we go back there?

(Credit: Movieclips/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

It’s fairly clear that we’re in for a period of rapid change.

This might lead to a stunning new world, if you believe Google. Or, in the view of some scientists, it might also lead to a re-creation of Sam Neill’s finest moments.

So please imagine, if you dare, a world in which dinosaurs roam again. I am sure they will appreciate the advent of large meals in America and especially the Big Mac and large fries.

How might this all happen? Well, one British biochemist believes that she might be able to take the DNA of birds and use it to re-create dinosaurs.

According to the Telegraph, Alison Woodard believes that scientists like herself need to have a full grasp of the DNA of modern birds.

Then, with a little genetic alteration — a nip here, a tuck there — there is a chance to design genomes that would turn out to be the large creatures we only know from books and movies.

The Telegraph quotes Dr. Woodard as saying: “We know that birds are the direct descendants of dinosaurs, as proven by an unbroken line of fossils which tracks the evolution of the lineage from cre… [Read more]

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