Beam app fills the Google Glass to YouTube upload gap

CNET's Bridget Carey tries on Google Glass with the sunglass attachment on, because the world is just too bright.

(Credit: CNET)

Google’s Glass can shoot video with its built-in camera, but one missing piece is getting it right onto YouTube, which Google also happens to own.

Fullscreen, a Los Angeles-based company, has solved that with what it claims is the first YouTube app for Glass. The software, called Beam lets Glass owners post their videos to YouTube, as well as automatically share it on Twitter once it’s live.

In short, first-person crotch shot videos will be uploaded to YouTube faster than ever.

That very same feature could eventually be added by Google at some point, but for now users either need to grab the videos off the device by hooking it up to a computer, or via posting to Google+, Google’s social network by using the Instant Upload feature.

The software, which was spotted by Slashgear on Friday, is the first of what Google hopes will be many third-party apps for Glass. The hardware itself began arriving to early adopters as part of Google’s $ 1,500 Explorer program, late last month.

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