Battery life battle royale: Nexus vs. iPad

The Nexus 10's battery is a bit disappointing compared to what the iPad offers.

(Credit: Screenshot: Eric Franklin)

With all the hoopla about the relative graphics performance of the 4th generation iPad compared to the Nexus 10, it’s easy to forget another important performance metric: battery life.

Battery life dictates how long you can actually use the unit before requiring a recharge, so I’d say it’s pretty darn important. So important in fact that it gets its own blog. Here I pit the last two generations of iPad, the iPad Mini, the Nexus 7, and the Nexus 10 against each other in a take no prisoners battery blood bath! Or acid bath I guess.

The results The results speak for themselves, but if you need further explanation, continue reading after the chart.

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iPad (4th gen) iPad Mini Nexus 10 Nexus 7 iPad (3rd gen)
Movie battery life (in hours) 13.1 12.1 8.4… [Read more]

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